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  • Visual engineer
  • Control Engineering Department
  • Shenzhen
  • 1people
  • Bachelor
  • 2018-09-26

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the design of the visual part of the device, the selection of related visual components (camera, lens, light source, etc.) and the determination of the visual tool algorithm.

2. Leading the team to achieve equipment testing requirements, coordinate mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to develop solutions;

3. Determine the visual detection algorithm and software to be written, using any of the programming languages C++ or C#;

4. Master at least one visual tool: Halcon, VisionPro or OpenCV;

5, can adapt to a certain intensity of business trips, go to the customer site to complete the equipment function debugging and acceptance;

6. Responsible for the upgrade of the vision system that the company has developed;

job requirements:

1. Computer, image processing, automation, electronics, optics, mechanical and other related majors; bachelor degree or above;

2, 2 years or more relevant work experience (visual system, robot project commissioning management)

3, Familiar with machine vision lens, light source, camera characteristics and selection, skilled in the construction of visual systems and structural design.

4, Familiar with image processing various algorithm principles, and can flexibly use algorithms for image matching, positioning, segmentation and recognition

5, have a solid programming skills, familiar with any programming language using C + + / C #.

6, at least master a visual tool: Halcon, VisionPro or OpenCV; machine vision software development and project implementation experience is preferred;

7. Strong logical thinking ability.

8, have good English reading and writing skills.

work place:

A310, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Business Center, Heping East Road, Longhua Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

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