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Wuhan Office of IE was officially established

Release time:2018-09-28

To further develop the market and improve the rapid response capability of business in Central China, IE's Wuhan office was formally established on Sep. 27, 2018.

The establishment of the Wuhan office marks that IE has opened up a flourishing development nationwide. In the future, IE will continue to improve its marketing and service network with all over the country. With high standard service level and standardized management, the company will continue to grow bigger and stronger, so as to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in adapting to the market economy.

In order to celebrate this moment, IE held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Wuhan office. The scene was extraordinary.

Excellent customer experience is the starting point for IE's work. The company establishes a relatively independent branch based on industry characteristics, and is equipped with professional and efficient sales and technical teams to provide local and customer service.

On the opening day of Wuhan Office, IE General Mr. Wu and Shenzhen Branch Mr. Liu visited the strategic customers. CSOT OLED flexible module automatic packaging stack machine project delivery site guidance work. Accompanied by the project manager, he went to the site to understand the overall operation status of the project, focused on the construction and commissioning site conditions, and put forward opinions and suggestions for the current characteristics of the project, pointing out the direction for future work.

The stacker project has received great attention and recognition from all levels of leaders of IE since its establishment. The customer service department of the project department has encountered many difficulties and achieved good results. All aspects of the work have been fully recognized by CSOT. The flexible module automatic stacking machine designed by IE can meet the automatic packaging stack requirements of 4-15inch products.

The smooth implementation of the stacker project has added a strong and colorful color to the smooth and rapid development of IE. All employees of this project will work hard and strive hard to ensure that the project safely and efficiently.

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